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Candidates for the Procedure

  • Disease criteria

–        Patients with metastasis to the peritoneum (carcinomatosis)

–        Patients without metastasis in sites outside the abdomen (lung, bone, brain)

–        Patients with up to 3 liver metastasis can be treated

  • General criteria

–        Good performance status

–        Lack of any major co-morbid conditions (such as heart, kidney, liver, or lung failure).


How we evaluate a patient for Surgery + HIPEC

  • Disease volume

–        The success of treatment is related to complete removal of all tumor tissue that highly dependent on disease volume and location.

–        In order to measure disease volume and location and predict success, a Peritoneal Cancer Index (PCI) is used.

–        We use most recent CT scans or PET scans (discs and x-rays) to record PCI. Sometimes we perform laparoscopy for more accurate staging.

  • Disease Biology

–        One of the most important predictors of survival is tumor histology (differentiation and type).

–        We usually base our decisions on pathology reports and review of the original biopsy by our expert pathologists.

  • Disease related

–        In order to select the best treatment for any given patient we need the following data:

–        History of present illness

–        Summary of chemotherapy treatments (dates and protocols)

–        Summary of radiotherapy treatments (dates and protocols)

–        Operative reports of previous surgeries

–        Pathology reports

  • General information

–        Brief medical summary including co-morbid conditions, current medications, allergies and surgical history.

Pre-operative testing

  • Echocardiogram
  • Lung function test
  • Carotid Duplex
  • Thalium dipiridamole